Tech Spec – Minimum requirements

IMPORTANT: Please check your computer’s specifications and performance before purchasing Anarkik 3D Design.

The specification of the Graphic Card is more important than the CPU (Computer Processing Unit), and be ranked among top 150 in the ranking list.

Technical Specification for use of Anarkik3D Design:

Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows/98/2000/XP/Vista Windows XP & Service Pack 3/ Vista
Processor AMD Turion 64bit 1.6Ghz Intel/AMD Dual Core 2.0 Ghz or Higher
Memory 512 MB RAM 1GB RAM or Higher
Hard Drive Space 40 MB Free 40 MB Free or more
Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 256MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 800 – FX 2500M
Additional DirectX 9.0, USB 2.0 DirectX 10 or Higher, USB 2.0

Ensuring Your Machine Meets The Minimum Requirements:

Every maching is built differently. If in doubt please use the PassMark Performance Test tool.

Lesser powered computers will require a higher rated graphic card and below are examples of computers running Anarkik 3D Design with no hassle.

Passmark Rating from the Performance Test:

Minimum Recommended
CPU-Floating Point Math 280 500
CPU-Multimedia Instructions 1.5 3.5
3D Graphics Mark 245 635
Graphics 3D – Complex 14 40

Examples of computers/laptops running Anarkik 3D Design (Cloud9/Falcon bundle) successfully:

Computer/laptop, OS & Graphic/Video Card Benchmark/G3D rating
(higher is better)
(lower is better)
Dell Precision M4500, Win7, Nvidea Quarto FX880M 489 309
Dell Precision M90, XP (v2002), Nvidea Quarto FX2500M 537 281
Dell Precision 390, XP, Nvidea Quarto FX3500 560 273
HP Pavillion, Win7, Radion HD7470 420 343
Desktop, Radeon HD7670 1376 88
Acer Veriton M4610G, Win7, GeForce GT 530 745 197

Anarkik 3D Design – Setup Instructions

Step-by-step installation instructions for Anarkik 3D Design and Falcon haptic device.

Set-up Checklist:

Your computer and its performance meet the recommended specifications tickicongreen
You have purchased Anarkik 3D Design and have your own activation and licence codes tickicongreen
You have downloaded Cloud9 software tickicongreen
Your Falcon Haptic device (essential to Anarkik 3D Design) is plugged in tickicongreen
You have installed the Falcon Drivers tickicongreen
You have run a Falcon test and it is good tickicongreen
You have uninstalled any previous versions of Cloud9 software tickicongreen

Note for users of earlier versions

If you already have an earlier version of Cloud9 (v2 or earlier) installed on your system it is crucial that you uninstall it before installing the latest version.

  • To uninstall go to Start Menu->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs. Select Cloud9 and click remove.

Once you have installed the latest version, that is Anarkik 3D Design you will need to convert your previously saved files:

  1. Duplicate your file to create a back-up
  2. Open the file in your newly installed version of Cloud9 software
  3. Save and re-open it before undertaking any new tasks

This procedure will convert your previously saved files to the new data structure and allow you to take advantage of features such as ‘units’, boolean, slice, mirror etc.

Step-by-step Setup & Instalation:

Step 1: Download Anarkik 3D Design/Cloud9 software

Step 2: Setup haptic device

The Novint Falcon device has a standard USB 2.0 connection, and the driver which comes on a disk needs to be installed. Installation details are on the driver disk to help you setup. The most up to date driver for the Falcon device can also be downloaded from Novint’s website.

We recommend you use the Falcon Test (Falcon Diagnostics) to verify the status of your Falcon. The Falcon Test utility is in your Falcon driver installation folder, usually installed at C:Drive/Program Files/Novint/Falcon/TestUtilities/FalconTest (application), together with the help document about how to use Falcon Test.

Step 3: Setup Cloud9 Software

Extract the downloaded ‘ZIP’ file and run the ‘Setup’ or ‘Setup.exe’ file.

Step 4: Activate Cloud9 online

When you run Anarkik 3D Design for the first time you will be prompted with a message box, as shown:

The activation code is supplied on either the CD or by email direct to you and consists of:

Customer ID: __________
License ID: __________
Password: __________

With your valid license ID and password and an internet connection, select the Activate Online option to register online (so that in the near future we can notify you about updates and upgrades) and follow the instructions below re. Activate Online.

Enter License ID and Password

Enter your valid License ID and Password in the following popup window, and click ‘Continue’.

If the activation has been successful, you will be informed through the status bar in the popup window and you can now use Anarkik 3D Design.

Incorrect License ID or Password

If the numbers entered are incorrect, this message will be displayed.

Please contact us for further assistance or email support. Please note and report the displayed Error message and Error Code.

Activate by Phone

If you encounter problems registering online, choose Activate by Phone and call Anarkik3D, between 10.00am and 5pm GMT, on the phone number shown in the prompted message box. Or email email support.

User Code:

Next click on the ‘Unlock’ button to bring up the ‘message box’ for the activation information we require:

  • User Code 1 and User Code 2) to generate the activation code(s)
  • Reg Key number(s) for you to entered and activate Anarkik 3D Design.

(The numbers in the boxes have been blacked out for security reasons)

Registration Key:

You will currently only receive one code as Anarkik 3D Design v2.1 has no time limitation.

Enter this registration code into Reg Key 1 box.

(If you are receiving a time limited version enter the 2nd registration key into Reg Key 2 box.)

Click ‘Ok’.


Unsuccessful Activation

If the numbers entered are incorrect, the following message will be displayed. Please contact us for further assistance.


Successful Activation

With Successful activation you will be informed through the message box shown below and you can now use Anarkik 3D Design.

Anarkik 3D Design – Technical & Setup FAQs

Hopefully the below FAQs will help you troubleshoot. However, if you do not find the answer please contact us for further support.

  1. Minimum and recommended specifications
  2. Why is Falcon essential?
  3. Correct Falcon Start Up Procedure
  4. Can’t Initialize Application in Windows 7 and Vista
  5. Can’t connect Touch Device (or crash) /Can’t run Falcon Test in Windows 7
  6. Installing latest graphics card on computer
  7. Falcon Test works well but Anarkik 3D Design crashed during startup
  8. Have to re-install hard drive, what happens with my license for Anarkik 3D Design?
  9. Installing Anarkik 3D Design (Cloud9/Falcon) on a Mac

1. My computer/laptop falls between the minimum and recommended specifications you recommend using the PassMark Performance Test tool. Will it run properly?

Test your computer performance as all are built slightly differently.

For example: we tested 2 laptops that met the minimum spec requirement. However Anarkik 3D Design runs on one in a very jerky unworkable way whereas on the second Anarkik 3D Design worked very well and smoothly. So we put both through the performance test, and the performance scores for the first unworkable one ( Intel P4 1.8GHz, 2048 MB RAM, ATI RADEON 9700) were only 72 on CPU-Floating Point Math, 0.5 on CPU-Multimedia Instructions Graphics, and 9.6 on 3D – Complex. These scores are well below the standard and the recommended scores.

2. Why is it essential to have a Falcon Haptic device to run Anarkik 3D Design?

The Falcon haptic device replaces your 2D mouse. Anarkik 3D Design is designed for haptic ‘touch and feel’ interaction and also for the easy natural 3D navigation and movement it provides for manipulating forms, moving, zooming and rotating. There are other haptic devices in the market and we use the Falcon as it is less expensive and more durable.

3. What is the Correct/Recommended Falcon Start Up Procedure?

  • Plug Falcon firmly to power socket
  • Plug Falcon into computer’s/laptop’s USB port(always plug into the same USB port as previous)
  • Start up computer/laptop

To test for Falcon’s activation (if required)

  • Open Falcon Test application (C:Program FilesNovintFalconTestUtilitiesFalconTest)
  • Click on ‘Open’
  • Firmly Push & Pull the Falcon handle to near/far position several times
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds
  • Push & Pull the Falcon handle to near/far position several times
  • Move the Falcon handle around

When moving the Falcon handle around, you should see the three numbers in the Position Sensors area changing quickly. If you see this happens, then go to the next step (Step 2).

If you notice any problems, such as Bad Status (Red/Yellow flashing), numbers in position sensors not changing, then you need to go to 3 (Error Solving Step A).

If you notice a problem such as the numbers in Position Sensors area changing slowly, then you need to go to 4 (Error Solving Step B). It is also worth checking 5 (Error Solving Step C), if the problem still exists after you have followed instructions in 4. Also check you have the latest Falcon Drivers downloaded from Novint’s website.

  • Open Anarkik 3D Design/Cloud9 software
  • During opening sequences ( ‘Splash Screen’ / ‘Cloud9’ window) push & pull the Falcon handle to near/far position
  • Click central button

The previous procedure usually ensures the Falcon works correctly in Anarkik 3D Design.

If on opening you have the cursor stuck in Anarkik 3D Design (normally at the top of window), then try Push & Pull several times. If the problem is still there, use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close Anarkik 3D Design, then go to the 4 (Error Solving Step B).

Error Solving Step A

  • Re-plug the Falcon into the USB port.

Note: no need to re-plug the power to the Falcon.

After re-plugging the Falcon into the USB port, please go back to the Step 1 and go through the procedure again.

Error Solving Step B

  • Change the power socket of the Falcon to another one
  • Re-plug the Falcon into the USB port.

After re-pluging the Falcon into the USB port, please go back to the Step 1 and go through the procedure again.

Error Solving Step C

  • Remove any memory sticks from USB ports
  • Ensure Falcon’s USB cable is connected directly to a rear USB Port, or one definitely not through a hub.

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4. Why can’t I initialize Application in Windows 7 and Vista?

Right click the Cloud9 icon on your desktop, in the popup menu, select “Property”.

  1. Within the popup window, choose the “Compatibility” tab.
  2. Tick the check box for “Run in Compatibility Mode for Win XP (SP3)”, and also tick the check box for “Run as Adminstrator”.
  3. After that, just click “OK” and then run Anarkik 3D Design.

Note: In Windows 7, after you change the compatibility and when you run Anarkik 3D Design, if you get an error message just ignore it and Anarkik 3D Design will start.


5. I can’t connect the Touch Device (or it crashes) / Can’t run Falcon Test in Windows 7

In Windows 7, after you have activated Anarkik 3D Design and when you click the Cloud9 icon to run, you may encounter these problems:

  • a black window and error report “Can’t connect Touch Device”
  • it just crashes reporting a C++ runtime error
  • In addition to the error message the Falcon Test also fails to run reporting some DLL file missing

Follow these instructions to solve this:

  • Right click the “Computer” icon on your desktop
  • In the popup menu, select “Property”

You shall get a popup window as shown below:

  • Choose the “Device Manager”


In the following popup window:

  • Open ”Universal Serial Bus controllers” and find the device named as ”Falcon Haptic”
  • Right click it and select ”Update Driver Software” in the popup menu, as shown below:


In the following popup window:

  • Choose “Browse my computer for driver software…”, as shown below:


In the following popup window:

  • Locate the folder where Novint Falcon is installed (normally in “C:Program Files (x86) NovintFalcon”)
  • Make sure the checkbox of “Include Subfolders” is ticked, as shown below:


After that, just:

  • Click “OK” and “Next”, and then run Anarkik 3D Design or the Falcon Test.

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6. How do I get the latest Graphic Card that my computer is using?

  1. Go to the Graphic Card manufacturer’s website and search for the latest driver for the model you are using.
  2. Download the driver. (if you are in Win 7 make sure the driver is for Win 7)
  3. Install the downloaded driver and just following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Start Anarkik 3D Design again.

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7. Falcon Test works well but Anarkik 3D Design crashed during startup.

It was noticed that in some cases after the haptic device was verified by the Falcon Test that it was working properly, Anarkik 3D Design still crashed during the startup and reported a C++ runtime error.

If so, you will need to download the latest version of the Graphic Card’s driver.

This is important especially for the university/college users, as when the operating system was installed for the university/college computers, the bundled driver might be a default one and this will cause problems.
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8. Have to re-install hard drive, what happens with my license for Anarkik 3D Design?

Your Anarkik 3D Design license will be deleted with this action. We will supply you with a new one for a small administration fee of £10. To reset up please send us your original Customer ID which was supplied with your license/activation/pw codes, download Cloud9 and activate with the new codes we will send to you.
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9. Installing Anarkik 3D Design (Cloud9/Falcon) on a Mac

Setting up Anarkik 3D Design v2.1.0.6 Software on your Mac Desktop.

Running Anarkik 3D Design on a Mac computer is every bit as possible as running it on a PC. To run Anarkik 3D Design on any computer however, you must have Windows OS (Operating System) as this is the default for the Falcon. So it is essential to know that if you have/are planning on using a Mac computer for Anarkik 3D Design you need to install Windows on your computer.

Laptops- you CAN use Anarkik 3D Design on your Mac laptop but it would take up a lot of memory. The Technical Specifications on this website for running the software gives the recommended minimum requirements for installing Cloud9 software onto your computer.

You need a good Graphics Card and at least 40MB Memory free space on your Hard Drive. If you are trying to decide between a laptop and a desktop Mac* – it’s really down to how you work best, whilst keeping in mind the technical Spec.

Please also keep note that your Anarkik 3D Design License ID is specific to one computer only.

If you consult Apple about purchasing a Mac Desktop and installing Windows onto it they can do this for you. You will need to purchase Windows 7 separately and make an appointment in an Apple store with your new computer. In my experience, phoning will get you slightly further than asking in an Apple store as you are one to one and they will go through procedures with you.

  • If you already have a Mac Desktop, installing Windows onto it will not likely wipe the information off your computer. Backing up all information onto a Disc or Memory Stick is an essential anyway, so please do this before you begin installing Windows on to your computer.

Parallels vs Bootcamp
Parallels for Mac is a program which allows you to run Windows on your Mac. It is a popular choice for seamless linking between your Mac and Windows without rebooting your computer, and appears as a ‘window’ (like bring up your browser onto your computer screen) so you get the best of both worlds. However by consulting Apple again, they may tell you that as Anarkik 3D Design may not run on this seamlessly at all, or may appear slowly and jerky in movement as Parallels is good for programs with a lower need for memory and speed, such as document programs, music etc. For more information on Parallels go to: Bootcamp Assistant for Mac is a very effective way of using Anarkik 3D Design on your Mac Desktop. Bootcamp is already on your Mac and allows you to split your Hard Drive into two: Mac and Windows. It sounds daunting but is actually quite easy due to the straightforward Installation and Set-up Guide which you can find by clicking on the Bootcamp icon on your Mac.

You will need Windows7:

  • You can install Windows with an installation disc you provide, or with a USB Flash Drive that contains a Windows 7 ISO image downloaded from Microsoft.
  • You will also need a blank disc, as Bootcamp Assistant will ask you to back up the files on your computer before proceeding to installing Windows.
  • It is recommend to print out the Bootcamp Installation and Set Up Guide firstly, reading it through entirely before beginning, and keeping it beside you while following the prompts on your computer.

The Bootcamp Assistant will clearly take you through every step to allow you to install Windows onto your computer. As an example I allowed Windows7 60MB of space when splitting the Hard Drive on my Mac Desktop, just to allow for a little bit more space and Anarkik 3D Design runs perfectly. Remember the minimum is 40MB- if you will be using Windows for other programs perhaps allow for a little bit more. Once Windows is successfully installed on your Mac, you need to reboot to choose between the Mac and the Windows parts of your computer. As soon as you reboot hold down the ALT key on your keyboard. Three options will appear: Mac, Recovery, and Windows. Double click on Windows.

  • When you start your computer it will always automatically start up as a Mac, by pressing the ALT key as soon as the computer switches itself on it allows you to choose between logging on to Mac or Windows.

Once you have logged onto Windows, the option to download Anarkik 3D Design/Cloud9 software is on the Anarkik 3D website, you should have your purchased Activation Code and License ready and your Haptic Device should already be connected to your system.

Follow the links below for further information about:

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Not quite answered your question? Click here for a comprehensive list of all FAQs covering technical & setup, courses, software and 3D printing.