Anarkik 3D Technical Spec

Minimum requirements

IMPORTANT: Please check your computer’s specifications and performance before purchasing Anarkik3D Design.  We currently use the Asus X550CC Laptop with Windows 8 for the courses we run.

The specification of the Graphic Card is more important than the CPU (Computer Processing Unit), and be ranked among top 150 in the ranking list.

The information on this is to be updated when V3.1 is released and apologies that some of it is not relevant.

Technical Specification for use of Anarkik3D Design:

Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows/98/2000/XP/Vista Windows XP & Service Pack 3/ Vista
Processor AMD Turion 64bit 1.6Ghz Intel/AMD Dual Core 2.0 Ghz or Higher
Memory 512 MB RAM 1GB RAM or Higher
Hard Drive Space 40 MB Free 40 MB Free or more
Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 256MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 800 – FX 2500M
Additional DirectX 9.0, USB 2.0 DirectX 10 or Higher, USB 2.0

Ensuring Your Machine Meets The Minimum Requirements:

Every machine is built differently. If in doubt please use the PassMark Performance Test tool.

Lesser powered computers will require a higher rated graphic card and below are examples of computers running Anarkik 3D Design with no hassle.

Passmark Rating from the Performance Test:

Minimum Recommended
CPU-Floating Point Math 280 500
CPU-Multimedia Instructions 1.5 3.5
3D Graphics Mark 245 635
Graphics 3D – Complex 14 40

Examples of computers/laptops running Anarkik 3D Design (Cloud9/Falcon bundle) successfully:

Computer/laptop, OS & Graphic/Video Card Benchmark/G3D rating
(higher is better)
(lower is better)
Dell Precision M4500, Win7, Nvidea Quarto FX880M 489 309
Dell Precision M90, XP (v2002), Nvidea Quarto FX2500M 537 281
Dell Precision 390, XP, Nvidea Quarto FX3500 560 273
HP Pavillion, Win7, Radion HD7470 420 343
Desktop, Radeon HD7670 1376 88
Acer Veriton M4610G, Win7, GeForce GT 530 745 197