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Digital 3D modelling software?  We do BEAUTIFUL
NEW – Anarkik3D Design version 3: now realeased and ready for downloading. More info below.

Because Anarkik3D Design is designed for designer makers, applied artists and artists by designer makers beauty is naturally built in. So is 3D touch because this is how we work.  Our haptic 3D modelling software uses a haptic 3D ‘mouse’ so you can physically touch and feel your models as you create them.

Anarkik3D Design –  an evolution in digital 3D modelling for designer makers, applied artists who understand the importance of real-world touch. Coupled with haptic technology our software allows real sense of 3D touch to easily create and manipulate your virtual designs, ready for 3D printing. For non CAD users this is a real revelation!

The NEW Anarkik3D Design version 3 is focused on enhancing the experience of creating 3D digital models for 3D printing:Torus creation: easy to make in different proportions!

  • Gaudi would have loved it, Birgit does!
  • Torus creation: easy to make in different proportions!
  • Creative and inspiring from the start. Great for casual user!
  • Serendipity is the default (control freaks catered for too!)
  • Easy to learn & use with potential for mastery.
  • Slicing is special – and surprisingly colourful
  • Create Torus of different proportions? – smooth operator
  • Boolean is brilliant – subtracted bits are unexpectedly beautiful so not automatically deleted! That is up to you.

Version 3. The RRP from 1st August 2015 is £390 (+VAT etc.) Already have Anarkik3D Design? The upgrade fee is £80 (+ VAT in UK and EU). We will email you the activation codes for V3 for you to proceed to download and install. – See more here

Contact us as new activation codes are required. Birgit Laken: playing and exploring Boolean subtraction and great colour feature

Image: Birgit Laken: playing and exploring Boolean subtraction and great colour feature.

Birgit Laken:  “I got the possibility to try out version 3! And I am very happy with this new version of Anarkik3D Cloud9 haptic programme.”

Our award-winning software in detail 

Anarkik3D Design provides well tested and truly affordable 3D modelling with haptic technology to enable you to actually touch, form and manipulate your created objects in an easy to use virtual three-dimentional space:

  • for easy, fluid creations in 3D: ideal tool for 3D modelling & designing for 3D printing.
  • innovative: real sensation of touching your virtual model
  • 3D virtual touch (haptic) device replaces boring 2D mouse: taps into 3D know-how – easier to learn and use
  • simply way more fun than other 3D modelling packages
  • complements CAD, import/export models using .stl format
  • developed by listening to feedback from Cloud9 and  stakeholders, users and testers
  • suits designers and artists, and anyone with a creative personality
  • affordable

See for yourself…

Products & bundles:

Alongside this uniquely innovative technology – haptic 3D modelling software, we also provide designer makers and artists with comprehensive training and support, as well as a gateway to the rapidly expanding world of 3D printing. In this exciting new era of industrial and desktop production, we aim to be everything you need to get started, improve and prosper!

  Anarkik 3D Design  software Single license Falcon haptic device Tutored course Price
(excl VAT)
Anarkik3D Design (version 3) green-dot green-dot     £390 
Anarkik3D Design bundle (from resellers) green-dot green-dot green-dot   approx £700
Anarkik3D Design Business in a Box green-dot green-dot green-dot 2 day intensive £990 
Anarkik3D also offer a variety of group and bespoke courses that aim to cater to all needs and levels of experiences.

Anarkik3D Design: Key features in 3D modelling software:

  • ‘Touch’ and feel the 3 dimensional qualities of virtual objects
  • Move freely and fluidly in all directions: flexibility construct, interact & manipulate objects within a 3D space
  • More natural way of working: real time interactions, both in and outside objects
  • Easy creation of organic shapes and designs
  • Change hardness/softness of objects as required
  • Non-complex graphical based interface
  • Falcon buttons
  • for general select and to select object(s)
  • rotate ‘world’ (whole 3D working space) and set rotation point


[caption id="attachment_30935" align="alignnone" width="394"]Anarkik 3D Design interface Anarkik3D Design interface and some designs[/caption]

Anarkik3D Design interface

General features:

  • Standard solid forms from which to start modelling (cube, sphere, cone, torus, etc)
  • Standard modelling functions: Scale, Mirror objects, etc. (see image above)
  • Reset button: returns view to original ‘world’ position
  • Shortcut keys for quicker operations: standard (Ctrl + x, c, a, z, v, etc), specific (e.g. Esc to switch haptics on/off)
  • Shortcut keys for move/rotate object: toggle to simulate up to 6 degrees of freedom
  • x, y, and z keyboard keys constrain and control the following to the one axis: draw line, rotation, move, scale, mirror and slice plane rotation.
  • 3D colour selection box
  • Support for following file formats: .stl (export model for 3D printing, to CAD, i.e. Rhino3D), 3DS, OBJ and .wrl (for colour export capability)
  • Export part of the model (export selected objects only)
  • Insert saved models into current work space
  • Configurable AUTOSAVE function
  • Unit setting (mm, cm and meter)
  • Boolean (union, subtract and intersect two objects): interesting colour options using colour fill 
  • Submesh – increase the number of triangles in an object’s mesh for better resolution: all triangles or selected areas
  • Reduce mesh – decrease the number of triangles in an object’s mesh: all triangles or just selected areas
  • Slice an object/objects with a slice plane: interesting colour options using colour box 
  • Select to work in wireform mode
  • Grid: visible/invisible, mm, cm, m, toggle to x, y and z axis(PageDown key), move with arrow keys, silder bar to scale
  • Snap objects to grid points (for alignment, etc)
  • Pan: standard keyboard keys for left, right, up, down, etc

Notes for previous Cloud9 users:

Objects created in the original Cloud9 are compatible with Version 2.1. However, to take advantage of new features such as ‘units’ objects will require saving and re-opening before undertaking any task. This procedure converts it to the new data structure!

Tech Spec – Minimum requirements

IMPORTANT: Please check your computer’s specifications and performance before purchasing Anarkik3D Design.  We currently use the Asus X550CC Laptop with Windows 8 for the courses we run.

The specification of the Graphic Card is more important than the CPU (Computer Processing Unit), and be ranked among top 150 in the ranking list.

Technical Specification for use of Anarkik3D Design:

  Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows/98/2000/XP/Vista Windows XP & Service Pack 3/ Vista
Processor AMD Turion 64bit 1.6Ghz Intel/AMD Dual Core 2.0 Ghz or Higher
Memory 512 MB RAM 1GB RAM or Higher
Hard Drive Space 40 MB Free 40 MB Free or more
Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 256MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 800 – FX 2500M
Additional DirectX 9.0, USB 2.0 DirectX 10 or Higher, USB 2.0

Ensuring Your Machine Meets The Minimum Requirements:

Every machine is built differently. If in doubt please use the PassMark Performance Test tool.

Lesser powered computers will require a higher rated graphic card and below are examples of computers running Anarkik3D Design with no hassle.

Passmark Rating from the Performance Test:

  Minimum Recommended
CPU-Floating Point Math 280 500
CPU-Multimedia Instructions 1.5 3.5
3D Graphics Mark 245 635
Graphics 3D – Complex 14 40

Examples of computers/laptops running Anarkik3D Design (Cloud9/Falcon bundle) successfully:

Computer/laptop, OS & Graphic/Video Card Benchmark/G3D rating
(higher is better)
(lower is better)
Dell Precision M4500, Win7, Nvidea Quarto FX880M 489 309
Dell Precision M90, XP (v2002), Nvidea Quarto FX2500M 537 281
Dell Precision 390, XP, Nvidea Quarto FX3500 560 273
HP Pavillion, Win7, Radion HD7470 420 343
Desktop, Radeon HD7670 1376 88
Acer Veriton M4610G, Win7, GeForce GT 530 745 197

What others have to say about Anarkik3D Design

Stefan Witte (who had a demo with Birgit a short while ago) “… liked it specially because of the simplicity and the restrictions, because of that, they said you are more prepared to explore the whole programme and go to the far end to get out every possible thing. You have to be more creative to get out what you want. Better than when you have a complex programme with so many possibilities of which you use only a small part and cannot remember how you did things last time.”  www.stefanwitte.com B E E L D L O O D Hendrik Figeeweg 5L – 2031 BJ  Haarlem 06 526 646 43  www.beeldloods.nl

Genna Delaney
Contemporary Jeweller and soon to be an Anarkik3D Featured Artist

“I attended a taster class in June then the 3 day intensive course in July last year and loved playing with the haptic device and Cloud9 (Anarkik 3D Design package). It is extremely fun and playful. I love the fact that you can feel the object that you have designed on the screen with the haptic mouse. It makes you feel like you are physically sculpting the objects in front of you. It’s a more creative way of designing rather than the complicated actions and numbers of using CAD and Rhino. I used the haptic Anarkik 3D Design system in February this year, after not using it since the course in July. I was very impressed by what I remembered and how easy it was to get back into using the programme again. I would definitely recommend using Anarkik 3D Design programme if you want to try something new, have fun and take time to play.”

Elizabeth Armour
Contemporary Jeweller and Anarkik3D Featured Artist

“As a young contemporary jewellery designer, Anarkik 3D Design software has provided me with a creative platform on which I can develop designs easily and experiment in 3D printing; producing models that I can make into wearable statement pieces and also accessible jewellery.

The organic, freeform nature of Anarkik 3D Design means that I can completely engross myself in playing around with shapes, patterns and coming up with intricate pieces. Equally; quick 3D sketches can become some of my favourite designs. The haptic device allowing your sense of touch in the design process was a completely new experience for me and also makes the software very enjoyable to use- it’s good fun! Being able to ‘touch’ your design also really adds a distinct sense of control; your object isn’t totally lost to the element of serendipity that Anarkik 3D Design provides.

The day courses with Anarkik 3D have given me an enormous amount of support in terms of learning how to use and get the best out of the software. Including one-to-one tuition and a greater understanding of how 3D Printing works as a service. Through these tutorial groups I have met designers, makers and artists from different backgrounds which is great for discussion, swapping ideas and networking; on Anarkik 3D’s website and through dropbox I can see how others who have taken the course are using Anarkik 3D Design to create unique designs and realize these in solid forms through 3D Printing.”

Birgit Laken
Professional Photographer, Contemporary Jeweller and Anarkik3D Featured Artist

“Yes, I think the best thing is that people see it and can lay their own hands on it to try it out! Then they will experience how easy to learn Anarkik 3D Design is. When I am that far I will show it to everyone that wants to see it! It will become well known in the future, I am sure of that!”

Masako Kamaguchi
Contemporary Designer Maker

“Oh what a wonderful time I had, trying out Cloud 9 / Falcon!

Of course it wouldn’t have been as much fun were it not for your very patient and effective guidance. Thank you so very much. (And, once again it was really nice to work together with you all, my lovely friends from the Netherlands!)”

Hiltje Wynia
Contemporary Jeweller

“It is my pleasure to let you know, that I enjoyed the 3D course very much.You have proven to be an excellent teacher; I have enjoyed your personal instruction and appreciated the time you have given to me. While the course was very interesting, it was also very complicated. As a matter of fact I thought it was rather tough.

Now and than I got a bit confused, because of the rather large load of new information. Also I felt that there was not enough time between the different topics, that were taught. I would have liked more time to practise before a new chapter was treated. As a foreign language speaker, I had sometimes difficulties understanding the technicalities of the process; the technical language was so new for me.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I think the 3D course has proven to be an excellent course, which has given me new ideas about designing jewelry.”

James Taylor
3D Enthusiast

“A few years ago, I saw an incredible demo which Ann Marie Shillito gave to a few of us in Hursley. It was like being able to reach inside the screen and mould objects. The sense of touch added another dimension in a way which 3D displays just never have for me. I would definitely recommend trying to get a demo if at all possible.”

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Anarkik 3D Design – FAQs

1. Why does Anarkik3D Design use ‘haptics’?

Findings from Research (2000 – 2006) showed that the 3D touch, feel and movement that the haptic 3D ‘mouse provides enables us as designer makers and artists to tap into how we do things naturally. Being a more familiar environment (you feel every form, plane, edge, curve of your digital designs and models as tangibly as if real) Anarkik3D Design 3D modelling software requires less adaption than that needed for conventional design and drawing packages. This makes Anarkik3D Design easier to learn and use, and is simply way more fun especially for easy and fluid creation and visualisation in 3D. By combining all the benefits of a digital world (too many to even start to list!) and a ‘risk free’ 3D sketch/modelling-space, with more intuitive real-world interactions there is the potential to design and create in an entirely new way.

2. Why do I have to have the Falcon Haptic device?

Anarkik3D Design is designed to use this device as it has the best balance between three essential requirements: 1. quality of both touch sensation and 3 degrees of movement, 2. affordability, therefore accessibility, 3. durability and reliability. Market Research showed these are essential for its take-up by the main group of people it is developed for – designer makers, applied artists, artists, designers, studio artists.

3. Can I use Anarkik D Design on my home computer?

Anarkik3D Design can run smoothly in any mainstream desktop PC from 2005 or any middle-class laptop from 2006 with the following: a half decent graphics card (see the recommended specifications – graphics card, performance etc), the Falcon haptic device connected to your system and Activation and License codes.

4. Can I have my Anarkik3D Design set up on a second computer/laptop?

No, the license is for Anarkik3D Design to be set up on one specific computer or laptop only. This is the reason that it is important to check that the recommended specifications are met. We are investigating a system that will enable you to have Anarkik 3D Design on another computer/laptop at no extra cost.

5. I already have Anarkik3D Design v2. Can I update it?

Yes, although your original license might need a new activation code. If so, please contact us.

Before downloading please take time to read through tech spec page and note that your previous installations must be removed before installing v2.1. Objects created in original versions of Anarkik 3D Design are compatible with v2.1 but will require saving and re-opening before undertaking any task to take advantage of new features such as ‘units’. This procedure converts it to the new data structure.

6. Can I use Anarkik3D Design on a Mac?

Yes, you need Windows OS as the Falcon will only run on this Platform. Then follow the setup procedure. We have had no recent feedback regarding who is using a mac, but also no reports of any problems. We will post any information we receive.

7. Can I download a demo of Anarkik3D Design?

No. A mouse driven demo would not convey the advantages and value that touch has and which clearly differentiates our product from other standard 3D modelling software packages (except Geomagics/3DSystems products). The sensation of virtual 3D touch is from the forcefeedback generated by the Falcon haptic device. Therefore to use Anarkik3D Design you have to have the haptic device. It is this combination of hardware and software that makes our product so different from CAD for 3D modelling.

8. Is Anarkik3D Design better if you are a sculptor or a designer?

This question totally depends on the individual’s preferred way of working. What you are likely to find is that some designers and some sculptors work better with Anarkik3D Design and its fluidity and some are better with the prescriptiveness and control that CAD (Rhino) offers. If both are used as the design dictates there is then the potential for the range and style of the work to expand and extend!

9. Is Anarkik3D Design good for jewellery design?

Anarkik3D Design is for all designers and is not specific to one discipline. Anarkik3D Design is more suited to contemporary designing and creating free forms that are difficult to achieve using Rhino. 3D modelling software such as JewelCAD are developed speciifically for creating standard gem set designs. Anarkik3D Design objects can be transfer into Rhino using .stl (we have tested Rhino but not other parametric CAD packages).

10. How easy it is for designers that have used Rhino & JewelCAD to adapt to Anarkik3D Design?

Generally there is less adaption needed for Anarkik3D Design but as designers have had to adapt to using Rhino, a small amount of unadapting will be needed (i.e. Anarkik3D Design works in object mode not camera mode).

11. How is Anarkik3D Design different from Rhino and JewelCAD?

Anarkik3D Design is more freeform whereas Rhino and JewelCAD are more precision based. Cloud9 complements CAD and some of our CAD users switch between Rhino and Cloud9 using the .stl format as Cloud9 is used more sculpturally to differentiate from usual CAD aesthetic.

12. How can you control parameters (dimensions) of the detailing & the product as a whole?

With Anarkik3D Design dimensions can be controlled using scale function in 2 ways: using the x, y and z readout on the screen and using the grid which can be switched between meters, centimetres and millimetres. These are approximate and not absolute. The measure function will give length in cms. CAD is perfect for controlling parameters and dimensioning so we recommend CAD where precision is required. Generally sculptors and artists prefer not to be encumbered with a complex interface for precision and control and Anarkik3D Design is optimised for their requirements.

13. How is Anarkik3D Design different from Geomagics’ haptic package?

Geomagics’ ‘Freeform’ uses a 6 degree of Freedom device (more expensive and not as robust), is more like modelling clay as it is based on voxels (like 3D pixels), more CAD-like with steeper learning curve. ‘Claytools’ can be described as a plug-ins for Rhino and 3DStudio and also use .stl as the transfer format.

14. Can Anarkik3D Design be used to make industrial products like electronic enclosures?

This depends on the accuracy that is required. If high, use CAD – industrial products like electronic enclosures are best designed by parametric CAD and can be imported into Anarkik 3D Design using .stl, .3ds, .obj

Not quite answered your question? Click here for a comprehensive list of all FAQs covering technical & setup, courses, software and 3D printing.