• 3 brooch forms created in Version 3
  • 3 brooch forms created in Version 3
  • V3: fluidly creating Torus of differing proportions using Alt key and scale in x, y and z axes.

Product Description

Already have Anarkik 3D Design? Upgrade to V3 for £100 (+VAT). Download the new version 3 from here and upon receipt of payment and verification as a licensee of Anarkik 3D Design package we will email new codes to you as these are required to activate Cloud9 V3 software. Having V3 will mean that you will be able to update to V3.1 for free when it is released later in October 2017.

Please contact us here with your name, email address, company, address, your original activation codes and ID, and date of purchase. Please supply as much of this information as possible so we can verify you as a genuine licensee of Anarkik 3D Design package. Please let us know the name of your distributor so we can notify them too regarding your upgrade.

3 reviews for Anarkik 3D Design: Upgrade to V3

  1. 3 out of 5


    Ann Marie’s creativity and \nlove of design led to the set up of Anarkik 3D which develops haptic products .

    • 0 out of 5


      Watch this space for information about the imminent release of Version 3.1!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Stefan Witte “… liked it specially because of the simplicity and the restrictions, because of that, he said you are more prepared to explore the whole programme and go to the far end to get out every possible thing. You have to be more creative to get out what you want. Better than when you have a complex programme with so many possibilities of which you use only a small part and cannot remember how you did things last time.”
    http://www.stefanwitte.com B E E L D L O O D Hendrik Figeeweg 5L – 2031 BJ Haarlem 06 526 646 43 http://www.beeldloods.nl

  3. 0 out of 5


    Birgit Laken said in May 2015: “I got the possibility to try out version 3! And I am very happy with this new version of Anarkik 3D Cloud9 haptic programme.”

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Anarkik 3D Design: Upgrade to V3

3.5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


Anarkik 3D Design is designed for artists, designer makers and applied artists by designer makers:

  • You can be creative from the start, become a master with practice!
  • Working aesthetically is naturally built in.
  • So is REAL 3D touch because this is how we interact with our work.

Anarkik 3D Design uses a haptic 3D ‘mouse’: you can physically touch & feel as you create your models.

Anarkik 3D Design version 3:

  • enriches the experience of creating 3D digital models
  • Gaudi would have loved it, Birgit* does!
  • Creative and inspiring from the start. Great for casual user!
  • Serendipity is the default (control freaks catered for too!)
  • Easy to learn & use with potential for mastery.
  • Slicing is special – and surprisingly colourful
  • Create Torus of different proportions? – smooth operator
  • Boolean is brilliant – subtracted bits are unexpectedly beautiful so not automatically deleted! That is up to you.
  • Perfect for 3D printing

*Birgit Laken said in May 2015:  “I got the possibility to try out version 3! And I am very happy with this new version of Anarkik 3D Design haptic programme.”

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