Getting Started

A Creative’s Guide to Anarkik 3D Design v2.1

Each video goes through a different function separately. The final video pulls together it all together to begin to illustrate the richness Anarkik 3D Design has to offer within a very short learning time.

1. Who Needs a Manual…
Part 1 is a very gentle intro to using Anarkik 3D Design, creating a coloured object, deforming and rotating it using the Falcon haptic device to work and interact direct through feeling and seeing what you are doing. The next one will cover navigating the 3D space.

2. Navigating with a 3D Line
Part 2 to Anarkik 3D Design. By taking a line for walk, a true 3D doodle, we show you how easy it is to work in 3D with this software, to navigate the 3D space, to navigate the 3D space, to zoom, rotate ‘world’ to see a sketch/model scene from all angles, and reset the rotation centre point with one click of a button on the Falcon haptic device. We also show how to constrain the line straight along an axis.

3. Scaling – x, y & z
Part 3 to Anarkik 3D Design covers scaling an object, starting with creating it and playing dynamically with scale and non-uniform scaling through to using x,y,z keys to control which axis to scale along. Fun, fun, fun and so easy!

4a. Boolean Subtraction
Part 4 in Anarkik 3D Design′s Creative persons’ guide is Boolean Subtraction, that is using one object to take a bite (its 3D form) out of another. A couple of points to emphasize: read the text line at the bottom of the screen for info on task, i.e. no. 1 key on keyboard to select object to be subtracted (shows as wire mesh), back button on Falcon handle to select object (use shift key for multiple selection), cursor is red when in contact with object.

With the Falcon haptic device, movement in 3D and rotation is so easy and locating objects a synch when you can actually feel and touch them. This takes the complexity out of the interface and interaction making Anarkik 3D Design a great 3D modelling package for any and everyone. And you can 3D print objects created!

4b. Boolean Subtraction with Snap
Part 4a: Compare Boolean in Anarkik 3D Design in the video below with this tutorial in 3D Studio Max. Comments would be very welcome.

5. Pulling it all together!

Anarkik 3D Design Keyboard Commands and Shortcuts

Falcon Grip Buttons


Keyboard Hot Keys – A Quick Run Through

Global Shortcut Keys

These keys can be used any time irrespective of what function is active.

Ctrl-C Copy selected objects
Ctrl-X Cut selected objects
Ctrl-V Paste cut/copied objects
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-A Select all objects
Delete Delete selected objects
M Move object
R Rotate object
W Zoom in
S Zoom out
A Pan left
D Pan right
E Up
F Down
Shift-Print Screen / SysRq Screen capture without any GUI and 3D cursor
F1 Quick help
Tab Round-Robin style object selection
Esc (Escape) Switch-off haptics (for duration it is pressed down)
Page Down Toggle between X-Y, Y-Z and Z-X planes (in the order)
Up and Down Keys Moves selected Z-X, Y-Z and X-Y planes in incremental stages

Function-Related Shortcut Keys

These shortcuts are related to the functions that are active or being used so are categorized with the function.

  • Press x, y, or z to constrain line along selected axis
Select Object
  • Shift-back button : Multiple select
  • Back button (and no objects touched) : Point and select objects
  • Ctrl-back button (and no objects touched) : Point and deselect objects
Scale Object
  • Press Shift while scaling : Non-uniformly scales the selected object
  • Press X, Y, Z, XY, YZ or XZ while scaling : Object will scale along selected axis/axes
Rotate Object
  • R : easy toggle for rotate function
  • Press X, Y or Z while rotating : The objects rotates around the respective axis
  • Press X, Y or Z : the plane rotates around the respective axis
  • 1 : to switch between objects for subtraction. Mesh object subtracted from solid object
  • S : subtract one selected object (shown as mesh using 1 button) from another selected object
  • U : union of 2 selected objects
  • I : for intersection of 2 selected objects