So what is haptics?

Haptics  is about being able to touch and feel an object that is virtual and the technology has been around longer than you’d think! The hardware has become affordable, and now has the potential to disrupt everything we know about traditional human-to-computer interaction.

Anarkik 3D Design uses a Haptic Device which is essentially a 3D mouse that provides 3-D ‘touch’ and ‘feel’, an interactive resistance known as force feedback.

This sense of touch enables artists and designers to explore the feel of a virtual object – its surface texture, edges, depth, elasticity and 3 dimentional form can all be experienced. With the sensation of touch and movement in 3-dimensions (across the x, y, and z axes), the haptic device means a less-complex user interface as it taps into how we do things naturally. It reduces hugely the learning curve common to most design software. Even after a long break, Anarkik 3D Design and its haptic companion are easy to pick up and get creative with again.

Anarkik 3D Design software has been developed specifically for use with Novint’s Falcon haptic device, which is like a small grounded ‘robot’. Popular with ‘gamers’, the Falcon is affordable, robust and widely available, which make it the ideal haptic device for creative communities and in schools.

The Falcon is essential for using Anarkik3D Design software and can be purchased separately from here.


Haptic device: Novint’s Falcon which gives force feedback to give the very real physical sensation of touching a virtual object!