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Purchase here and contact us as new activation codes are required.

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Notes for downloading and installing

IMPORTANT: To activate Cloud9 you must purchase an activation code and licence from us or one of our distributors and have the Falcon device pluged in. Cloud9 will not work unless you have a Falcon Haptic Device connected to your system.

It is also your responsibility to read our Technical Specifications to ensure your computer meets our recommended minimum requirements before proceeding.

Prior to purchasing or downloading Cloud9, please ensure you have read our Technical Specifications & Set-up Instructions. Please also note that the software only works if your computer meets the minimum specifications (graphics card, performance etc) and has a Falcon Haptic Device connected to it and its drivers installed. Failure to set-up correctly or meet our recommendations could invalidate your activation code.

Please register online with contact email for future updates and upgrades.

Many thanks and enjoy!

Note for users of earlier versions

If you already have an earlier version of Cloud9 (v2 or earlier) you will need to convert your previously saved files:

  1. Duplicate your file to create a back-up
  2. Open the file in your newly installed version of Cloud9
  3. Save and re-open it before undertaking any new tasks

This procedure will convert your previously saved files to the new data structure and allow you to take advantage of features such as ‘units’, boolean, slice, mirror etc.

Purchasing our award-winning software

You can purchase Cloud9 (v3) software direct from us and the Falcon Haptic Device direct from Novint.

Want to try before you buy?:

Purchasing from our official resellers

You can purchase direct from our official resellers, but please note after purchase you will still need to download the software using the link on this page.

Official Resellers: