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Create passionately, 3D print perfectly, sell profitably!

Take advantage of Anarkik3D Strategies to boost your business and hit the ground running. We offer a range of 3-D digital creative Masterclasses using haptic software to meet varying needs and abilities – you choose what’s right for you:

  • groups of up to ten or on a one-to-one basis
  • one-day introduction to a three-day intensive
  • excellent value package ‘Business in a Box’
  • Anarkik3D Design plus Ultimaker2 3D printer – great combination!
  • 3D printed objects in different materials to handle

Leading the masterclasses, courses & classes….

All masterclasses and courses are led by Ann Marie Shillito, Anarkik3D’s CEO, a designer jeweller and maker, author of the book ‘Digital Crafts’, who is known and respected by her peers internationally:

  • for her knowledge and expertise in the area of digital touch (haptics) for creativity
  • designing and running courses –  Anarkik3D Design  – for 3D printing
  • for her knowledge about different methods of 3D printing and materials used

She has taught for many years at higher degree level in designing and making (jewellery and metalwork). The content of these masterclasses & courses are tailored to those attending as she has the expertise and experience in related areas to advise and help, particularly about using 3D printing services.

For M/classes, classes and courses of more than 5 people, jeweller & user of Anarkik 3D Design, Elizabeth Armour, assists Ann Marie.

Our courses are aimed at…

Makers, Applied Artists and other creative people who would like to learn the basics or advance their knowledge of 3D modelling for 3D printing, we run courses – Anarkik3D Design – as it is quick and easy to get started being creative. We also offer a section on how to expand your business revenue by taking advantage of the 3D creating and 3D printing opportunities. In addition we can help show how to price, market and sell created works.

wedding-headpiece-by-wilson-li Wedding headpiece by Wilson Li on 3 day Courses using Anarkik3D Design V2

"Stonen" by Suzanne Esser, using Anarkik3D Design's 'Boolean subtraction' and wireframe mode very subtlely.




“Stonen” by Suzanne Esser, using Anarkik3D Design’s ‘Boolean subtraction’ and wireframe mode very subtlely.


The digital design of the wedding headpiece is by Wilson Li, who was a London Fashion student at the time he came on a 3 day course. This piece was created on day 3 using Anarkik3D Design and it was entered into a Shapeways competition!
“Stonen” by Suzanne Esser, a Dutch jeweller, also created on her 3 day course using Anarkik3D Design ‘Boolean subtraction’ to develop forms with perfectly nuanced surfaces of complex curves.

Neither Wilson nor Suzanne are CAD users and prior to their course had very little 3D digital modelling experience. Just think what you could do, especially using V3!

Masterclass/Course Elements:

Create Passionately using Anarkik3D Design software…

Demo-led, intensive hands-on practical experience of Anarkik3D Design package. Sessions cover all main menu features including the advantages of using a 3D ‘mouse’:

  • Navigation demo: getting the feel for interacting/creating in a risk free 3D virtual environment
  • Try out all the functions: through structured playing and exploring
  • Work through a tutorial: individually assisted in a class of no more than 10 people
  • Acquiring other models to manipulate/customise: import (e.g. Rhino), freebies, paying for models

Print Perfectly…

Focused specifically on designing to reduce any potential print issues with your created objects:

  • Saving models and file formats
  • Creating clean 3D printable models
  • Methods to keep costs down

Printing Information…

This session covers the different materials you can print with and how to access these services:

  • Using different materials: plastics, resin, glass, ceramics, metals etc
  • How to access and find 3D Print services
  • Issues to take into account re shrinkage, support material, strength

Sell Profitably…

Information about where to get 3D printing prices, some places to market and sell your creations online.

Health and safety: All equipment inclucing the coffee maker is PAT tested. Anarkik3D has Public Liability Insurance.

Which Masterclass, class or course is right for me?

As Anarkik3D aim to cater for your individual requirements in an informal environment where creative discussions are encouraged, and to cater for goups, please click on a class/course for more details or contact us to get the best possible course and dates for you. 

Choose from a range of group and bespoke Masterclasses, courses and classes

Create Passionately. Using Anarkik 3D Design. Print Perfectly. Designing for 3D printing. Printing Info.
How to print in 3D.
Sell Profitably. Pricing your work. Price
(excl VAT)
Taster class green-dot £25
1 Day Introduction green-dot £185
1+ Day Introduction green-dot £250
1+ Day Intensive green-dot green-dot £250
2 Day Comprehensive green-dot green-dot green-dot £385
2 Day Intensive green-dot green-dot green-dot green-dot £400
3 Day Comprehensive green-dot green-dot green-dot green-dot £550
One-to-one: bespoke or private group green-dot green-dot green-dot green-dot contact us for a quote

Anarky in a Box

Hit the ground running with our comprehensive bundle of software, hardware and training. Everything you need for a flying start!

2 Day Intensive Course Anarkik 3D Design Software
plus updates
Novint’s Falcon Haptic Device Price
(ecxl VAT)
Anarkik 3D Design Business in a Box green-dot green-dot green-dot £935

What others have to say about our classes & courses
Taster courses:

Laura van Weegen (submitted on 2014/10/07)  “If you are completely new to 3D product design, like me, then 1/2 Day Taster session is a fantastic place to start. Anarkik3D Design is a highly intuitive piece of software so it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the basics and from there you can start having some fun. Also Ann Marie’s enthusiasm for all things 3D printed is catching, you’ve been warned, and now I just can’t wait to get started. Thanks for a great session.”

Alexander Hope (submitted on 2014/09/30) “An excellent primer to the basic functions of the programme! The evening also proved to be an informative overview of 3-D printing and the different qualities of various methods of creating designs and printing them in various materials. I feel quite confident of beginning to work in this software. Many thanks for a lovely and informative evening to Ann Marie!”

Lisa Arnott Jewellery/SilverHub Studios   “Yes I had a great time and can see a whole host of possibilities in terms of creating contemporary jewellery. The lenght of work shop was just enough time for me to understand the process and be introduced to the possabilities.Your teaching was gentle, reassuring, encouraging and gave me the confidence to feel that designing with this programme could be possible.

Its amazing that you have created such a programme that gives the maker the opportunity to ‘feel’ the object they are creating which as a designer maker is really important.” 

Jim Gilone “The course was an excellent taster. Long enough to get a good feel for the set up and decide if it might be for you, with out being so long it would cause your head to explode. It is a lot to take in and I really valued the opportunity to do more the next day to embed what I’d learned.

Breaks were well judged and offered a little chance for discussion and handling the printed artefacts. Maybe more could be made of the why do you want to do this session in terms of a networking opportunity, but in the time available the off screen time was about right. Very glad of the coffee as I was fasting maybe next time I’ll be able to have a biscuit.

Balance of input and hands on was good and your judgement of when folk needed help and those less formal inputs was really good. 3-4 seems like a good group size for a solo event.”

1 day masterclass:

6 jewellers from Dunfermline College, 19th May 2014

“Thanks very much for Monday, I really liked using your software.  The designs have all now been uploaded to Sculpteo, and should be with us on 3rd June, in plenty of time for the exhibition.” Nikki Henderson

“Thanks you so much again for your time on Monday. I loved working with Anarkik 3D.” Karen McGregor

“I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks again for our class on Monday.  I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful, even though I was a bit worn out by the end of the day. We are hoping to get our files sent to Sculpteo today. ..” Amanda McGrattan

Thank you so much for today. I have been having a look at my design on Sculpteo and I really like it, thank you so much for your help.” Susan Wilson

“Thank you for a really great productive day on Monday.  What a difference to working with Rhino!   We’ve uploaded our files to Sculpteo today and should have all items back by 3rd June.”  Carolyn Stuart

3 Day masterclasses:
Wilson P.K
Fashion Design Student

“I came to Edinburgh this beautiful city to study programme “Anarkik 3D Design” and 3D printing in March 2013, and I have to say, Ann really helped me to understand the processes of 3D printing. And I found the programme Anarkik3D Design very helpful, especially as the programme is built particularly for artists like me – I found it much easier to create an object in 3D.”

Masako Kamaguchi
Contemporary Designer Maker

“Oh what a wonderful time I had, trying out Cloud 9 / Falcon!

Hiltje Wynia
Contemporary Designer Maker

“It is my pleasure to let you know, that I enjoyed the 3D course very much. You have proven to be an excellent teacher; I have enjoyed your personal instruction and appreciated the time you have given to me. While the course was very interesting, it was also very complicated. As a matter of fact I thought it was rather tough.

Now and than I got a bit confused, because of the rather large load of new information. Also I felt that there was not enough time between the different topics, that were taught. I would have liked more time to practise before a new chapter was treated. As a foreign language speaker, I had sometimes difficulties understanding the technicalities of the process; the technical language was so new for me.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I think the 3D course has proven to be an excellent course, which has given me new ideas about designing jewelry.”guage speaker, I had sometimes difficulties understanding the technicalities of the process; the technical language was so new for me”.

Course FAQs

1. What is an Anarkik3D Design masterclass, course or class like?

“Oh what a wonderful time I had, trying out Cloud 9 / Falcon!” – emailed Masako, after her 3 day masterclass in July 2012 and for whom Anarkik3D Design and digital 3D modelling was completely new.

Masako was one of 4 jewellery designers, Suzanne, Birgit and Hiltje from Holland – and Masako from London, on intensive M/class to learn Anarkik3D Design package (our Cloud9 software/Falcon haptic device).

As novices at 3D modelling the course was tailored to their needs and level of expertise as none of the 4 had used CAD (computer aided design) or 3D modelling software before. They were interested in 3D modelling for concept generation and for 3D printing.

The day starts with brief introductions and a presentation to give context. Then its straight into hands-on with Anarkik3D Design and using the Falcon, getting to grips with 3D modelling. The Falcon haptic device not only enables objects to be touched and felt 3 dimensionally, the grasp moves through x,y,z axes to make navigating the 3D virtual environment more coherent. A tutorial is used and is a useful reference during the M/class and afterwards for those with their own Anarkik 3D Design set-up or purchasing one.

The concept and principles of 3D printing, and modelling for 3D printing, are covered at different levels depending on the level of course chosen. Anarkik3D Design is used as a practical means to understand the constraints of 3D printing and its application. There is a range of 3D printed samples and examples from different systems and in different materials to handle and examine as the basis for discussing the potential of Anarkik3D Design and 3D printing for expanding business and practice.

The 3D Masterclass in July last year was extended into a 4th day for Birgit, who already has her own Anarkik 3D Design 3D modelling system, to set up an account with a 3D printing service and uploaded one of her designs to have it 3D printed.

2. Where are the Anarkik 3D Design M/classes & Courses held?

The classes and courses are mostly held at different venues as we have the kit for outreach. Some classes, weekend and residential one2one masterclasses are held in a delightful residential part of Edinburgh in Anarkik3D’s office with a maximum of 5 people per M/class for maximum attention to hit the ground running with 3D digital modelling and knowledge of 3D printing!

Edinburgh is a beautiful city and a great tourist attraction, with plenty B&B’s and economy TravelLodges in walking distance of both Gayfield and Anarkik3D’s office (an easy bus ride from Edinburgh’s historic High Street.)

3. Who takes the Anarkik3D Design Masterclasses, Courses and classes?

Ann Marie Shillito, Anarkik3D’s founder and director takes the classes. She has extensive experience teaching and as a designer maker uses Anarkik3D Design and 3D printing for her own work. The M/classes are intensive and she makes sure they are also practical, fitting and fun. Her expertise includes:

  • as a designer maker: many years running her practice, designing, making and selling contemporary jewellery
    • designing for and using processes for limited production
    • using (and struggling with) CAD for 12 years – so she understands!
    • using laser cutting: titanium and niobium (1990)
    • using 3D printing: ABS, resin (stereolithography), paper (LOM), starches, alumide etc (1998)
    • teaching at degree level (part-time) until moving into research.
    • practice based research: how best to access digital technologies leading to 3.5 years AHRC funded research project with academic colleagues, investigating haptic based software for designer makers.
    • developing commercial haptic based software product for 3D sketch/modelling for designer makers
    • designing with Anarkik3D Design package (Anarkik3D Design software/Falcon haptic device) for 3D printing.

This broad base of knowledge and expertise enables Ann Marie Shillito to customise Masterclasses, classes and courses to maximise value for those attending. She was commissioned to write a book about how designer makers use digital technologies which will be published later this year.

For M/classes, classes and courses of more that 5 people, jeweller and user of Anarkik 3D Design, Elizabeth Armour will be assisting.

4. What the safety requirements for using a haptic device?

The Falcon is manufactured in the US and is designed for use with video games. It have been thoroughly tested for safety and robustness, especially by gamers.

With 3D modelling there is the occasional situation where the cursor gets between 2 hapticated surfaces which provide a bit of vigorous force feedback. In Anarkik3D Design, holding down the Esc key switches off haptics to ‘escape’ through one of the surfaces. Kids love the sensation of force feedback!

Anarkik3D Ltd has Public Liability Insurance and all equipment including the coffee maker is PAT tested.

Not quite answered your question? Click here for a comprehensive list of all FAQs covering technical & setup, courses, software and 3D printing.