Anarkik 3D Stories:

Presentation for #shemakes event 10th Sept 2016

#shemakes event: GirlGeeks Academy event 10th Sept 2016 in Melbourne Australia SlideShare presentation for #shemakes, a GirlGeekAcademy event in Melbourne, Austratia, 10th Sept 2016. Here is more information on each slide: Slide 1. My story:... Click to read more >

Anarkik3D: a niche for their haptic 3D design software: Jewellery

We set up Anarkik Creations Ltd to create a place where we can bring together the jewellers using Anarkik3D's haptic 3D modelling software, and... Click to read more >

Crowdfunding Anarkik Creations!

Kat pendant by Birgit Laken. 3D printed, dyed, painted and finished by hand. Anarkik Creations is the place that brings together our amazing designer maker jewellers with clientele who adore wearing statement art and contemporary jewellery... Click to read more >

Gifts for Celebrating Women in Business

Ann-Maree Morrison, Managing Director and Founder of AnarkikCreations designed and produced ‘thank you’ gifts presented to the speakers, host and organiser. Ann-Maree Morrison, Managing Director and Founder – – a... Click to read more >

Anarkik3D’s intuitive haptic 3D modelling software at 3DPrintShowMadrid

Ann Marie Shillito, co-founder/CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd: invited speaker at the 3DPrintShow Summit in Madrid. Ann Marie gave a presentation about the research that went... Click to read more >

V&A Dundee ‘Design in Motion’ Travelling Bus Exhibition

V&A Dundee - Design in Motion Bus | Credit Alicia Bruce V&A Dundee and the Travelling Gallery Bus: Exhibition ‘Design in Motion’   This wonderful ‘Design in Motion’ exhibition was launched on 13th Feb 2015 and... Click to read more >