General FAQs

1. How can I help to raise awareness of Anarkik3D and Anarkik 3D Design?

Thank you. You can help us grow by:

  • sharing with your virtual contacts.
  • do please drop us a line with any thoughts, feedback and encouragement.
  • adding Likes and recommendations to our Blog and Facebook page.
  • emailing those who may be interested in supporting our development.
  • generally being an AnarkikAdvocate by spreading the word about Anarkik3D and Anarkik 3D Design.
  • spreading the word about Anarkik3D’s events as it is through hands-on demos that we gain traction!

2. What is the difference between ‘Anarkik 3D Design’ and ‘Cloud9’?

When version 3 is released we will take this opportunity to brand ‘Cloud9 V3′ and the Falcon haptic device’ bundle as ‘Anarkik 3D Design’ – ‘Cloud9’ is the name of the sketch modelling software and as our UK distributor branded the bundle ‘Chameleon’ it is a bit confusing. We hope ‘Anarkik 3D Design’ branding makes it all clear.

3. What is Creative Anarky?

  1. ‘Creative Anarky’ as a description (with the emphasis on the ‘An’): Anarkik3D as a company specialises in using a disruptive technology – 3D haptics (virtual touch) and 3D movement, disruptive because it dramatically changes the way we interact within a 3D digital space. Our area of expertise is within the creative sector and our software Anarkik 3D Design is for creating and modelling 3D virtual objects, hence ‘creative anarky’.
  2. Creative Anarky: This is Anarkik3D’s Business bundle to get a super charged start in learning the tricks, tips and techniques for using Anarkik 3D Design software for 3D modelling and designing for 3D printing. With this bundle you give yourself (or someone that you know) the gift of an Anarkik3D custom course in using our Anarkik 3D Design platform and haptic (touch feedback) interface. You get the basics under your belt and leave with the know how (designing and 3D printing), the kit (Cloud9 software and the Falcon haptic device) and enthusiasm (learning and working in a small group of like minded people) to construct your 3D digital dreams.
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