About Anarkik3D

About Anarkik3D Ltd – an award winning 3D software development company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
We are a designer-led software company!

a3ddesignOur products provide advanced computer-aided-design coupled with the technology to actually touch and manipulate your created objects in a virtual three-dimensional space. Alongside this uniquely innovative technology, we also provide comprehensive training and support, as well as a gateway to the rapidly expanding world of 3D printing. In this exciting new era of industrial and desktop production, we aim to be everything you need to get started, improve and prosper!

3DPrintShow Global Awards 2013 'Best Consumer Software'

3DPrintShow Global Awards 2013 ‘Best Consumer Software’

Designed to initiate a more intuitive way of ‘doing’ by utilising touch, our software allows makers, artists and designers to create complex objects in a familiar three-dimensional environment within minutes of starting. Objects that can then be 3D printed for rapid, iterative model development.

Inexpensive and easy to use Anarkik3D Design’s methods for form and shape construction and manipulation are more suited to what designer makers and artist feel is apt, that is, working in a totally straight forward freeform manner, saving ideas as you go and enabling tangents and serendipity.

Anarkik3D’s goal is to create the best 3D place for all non-CAD using creative people (designers, applied artists, artists, sculptors) at all levels of expertise to confidently engage with 3D designing and modeling and access technologies such as 3D printing. At our core is our remarkable touch enabled 3D sketch/modelling software package, Anarkik3D Design, developed by designers makers for designer makers to be intuitive to use, fun, easy and quick to learn, and highly suitable for learning the how, why and wherefore to 3D print perfectly in customized courses.

Our origin story

Anarkik3D was founded in 2007 by contemporary designer maker Ann Marie Shillito and Software Engineer Xiaoqing Cao. Building on a collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art and The University of Edinburgh, Anarkik3D commercialised 7 years of practical, theoretical and applied research into the value of touch (haptics), movement with varying degrees of freedom, stereovision, and co-location in relation to designing in a three dimensional virtual environment.

Designed by designers for designers

ann-marieAlthough programmed by programmers, the development of Anarkik3D Design is informed primarily by its use by designer makers and artists and by their constant feedback from using the software in their practice. The principle driver is the vision of Anarkik3D’s CEO, Ann Marie Shillito, an internationally renown designer maker and contemporary jeweller. At Edinburgh College of Art, she instigated and led the original research into the effectiveness of a haptic interface for a 3D modelling package for designer makers.

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