Anarkik 3D Design –  evolution in digital 3D modelling for designer makers, applied artists who understand the importance of real-world touch. Coupled with haptic technology our software allows real sense of 3D touch to easily create and manipulate your virtual designs, ready for 3D printing. For non CAD users this is a real revelation!

Anarkik3D Ltd: award winning software development company, proud to be based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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1. The Art and Science of Touch
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3. Anarkik 3D Design: An Overview

News.  Anarkik3D’s feasibility Project ‘Touchable Universe’ was awarded Innovate UK funding in their Learning Technologies: Design for impact Competition. We invite teachers, schools, pupils and app developers in the Edinburgh area to work with us.

Opportunity to try Anarkik 3D Design and haptics: our haptic 3D modelling software is in the V&ADundee / Travelling Gallery exhibition ‘Design in Motion. When it visits you, have a try, haptics is amazing!  

Anarkik3D will be at the 3DPrintShow 2015, London May 21-23 May, Ann Marie Shillito, Anarkik3D’s CEO, is an invited speaker (2pm on 12th) at the Madrid 3DPrintShow  12-13 March

Masterclasses, workshops & courses

Masterclasses are for serious designer makers, applied artists and creatives who have no CAD experience and want to learn 3D modelling for 3D printing. We use haptic 3D modelling software (Anarkik 3D Design) as it is easy and quick to learn and use and to thereby understand the constraints of 3D modelling for successful printing.

Masterclasses and courses are taught by Ann Marie Shillito, the highly experienced CEO of Anarkik3D, designer maker/jeweller and author of the book ‘Digital Crafts’.

All classes include information on how to access 3D printing to enable you to take advantage of 3D digital designing and 3D printing. We can help show how to price, market and sell created works. Course Overview and booking.

Group bookings: Up to 10 people, friends and colleagues can experience 3D modelling and 3D printing for serious fun while learning lots (Taster classes included). We cater for your requirements in a creative environment where in-depth discussions are part of the course. Masterclasses, courses and classes can be held at Anarkik3D Ltd in Newington, Edinburgh or at a venue of your choice.

Please contact us to organise a date for your group. If you are interested in masterclasses and workshops held at your hub, workshop, craftcentre or have a proposal please contact us. We demo 3D printing on an Ultimaker2.

Latest News
Glockenspiele in Space

18/02/2015 / Touchable Universe

Latest News

18/02/2015 Update. ‘Touchable Universe’ Project: investigating how best to apply/combine/embed haptics with and into other learning technologies, tools and software to create more effective learning apps, particularly for ‘hard to teach’ subjects and groups, apps which are fun to learn and use, are ‘plug and play’, reliable and with built in support and methods to encourage self motivated learning and progression. To demonstrate the powerful capability of such a platform the first wireframe app to be created using Anarkik3D's prototype A-Frame platform is a virtual 'Glockenspiele' which you can physically strike and feel the impact, hear the different notes from the different bars and see the wavelengths of each notes. This Glockenspiele can be played in 3 environments: a a 'natural' one, under the ocean and up in Space, with these different places affecting the properties of sound. The bars can also be lengthened and shortened to hear how this affects the notes.

Celebrating Women in Business Gifts

10/03/2015 / Gifts for Celebrating Women in Business

Anarkik Creations

In support of International Women’s Day the ‘Celebrating Women in Business’ event is part of the activities happening during University of Stirling’s International Women’s Month. The event is being held in conjunction with the Institute of Directors, Sporting Chance Initiative and One Stirling and AnarkikCreations have designed and produced ‘thank you’ gifts to be presented to the speakers, host and organiser. Six pendants have been designed using the remarkable Anarkik 3D Design haptic 3D modelling software and the models 3D printed in white and red polyamide. The dramatic form of the pendants symbolises the multi directional paths that many women


10/03/2015 / 3D Printshow Madrid 2015

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Ann Marie Shillito, co-founder of AnarkikCreations, was an invited speaker at the 3DPrintShow Summit in Madrid. She gave a presentation about how different Anarkik 3D Design haptic 3D modelling software is from the standard CAD packages and why it suits many designer makers and applied artists. She also gave a live demo of the software tool to show the type of organic and fluid forms that can so easily be created using it. She described the sensation of actually feeling and touching virtual objects using the Falcon 3D haptic device from Novint. The Presentation title was ‘Hola! Touchie Feelie software!