Anarkik3D Design V3:

A real revelation for applied artists and designer makers: 3D modelling software with virtual 3D touch. Wait until you try V3.1, releasing soon! 

Video of our award-winning software shows boolean subtraction, moving objects and rotating world using a haptic device!




1. The Art and Science of Touch
2. Anarkik 3D Design: An Overview


Thank you to all Anarkik 3D Design user for completing a short survey.

We used the information to hone development of Anarkik 3D Design V3.1 which will be released later in October. Last stage of testing has been completed and everyone with V3 will be offered a free up-date.

Anarkik 3D Design V3.1 has extensive improvements to enhance not only the 3D modelling experience, but also to the underlying graphic and haptic renderers. And I won’t bore you with this except to say we are better set up now to begin work on V4!

Many thanks, Ann Marie Shillito, CEO, Anarkik3D Ltd

Designed for designer makers, applied artists

 (this is what they say!), using haptic technology, (what is haptics?) for you to easily create and manipulate your virtual designs, ready for 3D printing.

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Masterclasses, workshops & courses

 We have been quietly working away on improvements and enhancements to Anarkik 3D Design to make it even better for modelling fluidly and organically. We really do focus on ways of working that suit creatives who are not CAD users and if you are keen to try Anarkik 3D Design we have workshops in Edinburgh 27/28th October and in Vienna 10/11th November. For more details see ‘Courses and Classes’ below.

Courses and Classes

Make:Shift:Do. 2 x one day classes on 27th and 28th October, in Edinburgh. Numbers are very limited as this will be an intensive day for you to get to grips, literally, with 3D digital modelling as another creative tool. More information here.

A 2 day Masterclass will be held in Vienna on November 10th (15–18  hrs) and 11th (14–19hrs) at GalerieV&V during Wiener Schmucktage, 2017 a Festival of Jewellery. ‘WORKSHOP FÜR EXPERTINNEN – 3D Digital Modelling with Virtual 3D Touch –The WOW Factor’ with Ann Marie Shillito and Birgit Laken, We will give a prize of Anarkik 3D Design for the most creative 3D model. Also mything will select the best 10 models to 3D print . Contact / +43/699/14093221 to book your place. The number of places is limited to 10.

Group bookings: Up to 10 people, friends and colleagues, experience 3D modelling and 3D printing for serious fun while learning lots. If you are interested in masterclasses and workshops held at your hub, workshop, craft centre, or have a proposal, please do contact us. Smaller classes of 5 can also be held at Anarkik3D Ltd in Newington, Edinburgh.

Classes include information on how to access 3D print services to enable you to take advantage of 3D digital designing and 3D printing. We can help show how to price, market and sell created works. We demo 3D printing on an Ultimaker2. See a course overview here.

Information plus images of workshops & demos held in Holland & Cologne – see here. These were run by Birgit Laken and Ann Marie Shillito, both highly experienced designer maker/jewellers who enjoy their work. Workshops have also been held at CreativeSpark in Dundalk, Ireland with Ann Marie and Elizabeth Armour.

Ann Marie Shillito’s, seminal book ‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technology for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’ is available from Bloomsbury, Amazon and Chromeyellowbooks.

In a Nutshell with Ann Marie Shillito of Anarkik3D: read here. See also the CEO’s journey to founding and running Anarkik3D …..a slideshow for #shemakes event.

Touchable Universe Project

Touchable Universe’ is now a Limited Company, spun out from Anarkik3D from an #InnovateUK funded Project.  Huge thanks to everyone who participated and helped move the project forward. – See more here.


Latest News
Workshop in Koln, learning 3D digital modelling using Anarkik 3D Design haptic package.

30/09/2017 / Make:Shift:Do – Introducing 3D digital modelling

3D Design / 3D modelling / Anarkik 3D Design

Feel that you are missing out on the potential that 3D digital designing and 3D printing can offer you? Are standard Computer Aided Design packages too prescriptive for your style of working? Want to try a serious fun way to expand your craft practice? For the Crafts Council's Make:Shift:Do national event on 27th and 28th October, Anarkik3D have 2 workshops in Edinburgh using haptic 3D modelling. It just has to be tried to grasp its potential for helping you expanding your craft practice with 3D printing. technologies

Work of 10 international jewellers who use 3D printing in their work.

30/09/2017 / International Exhibition of 3D Printed Jewellery in Vienna at GalerieV&V

3D printing / Exhibitions

This exciting exhibition of 3D printed jewellery by 10 international jewellers opens in Vienna on 5th October, 19:00-21:00, at GalerieV&V. The main criteria for selection is the jewellery maker's love of 'tools', combining the possibilities of digital production with traditional making techniques. Each has there own different approach, some very personal, and others very pragmatic, yet both exploring the technology for the effects they can achieve.

Ann Marie's pieces in the ACJ 2020 Vision exhibition catalogue

21/01/2017 / Realising the design: follow-on from prototyping

3D Design / 3D modelling / 3D printing / 3D software / Anarkik 3D Design / applied artists / Cloud9 / designer makers / Exhibitions / haptic / Mcor Technologies / Projects / virtual touch

In realising the design its funny how things happen! Things don't always go how you expect them to pan out. This is where the notion of serendipity is so valuable a part of creativity.

Workshop in Haarlem 2015, learning 3D modelling with haptic Anarkik 3D Design package.

01/10/2017 / Wiener Schmucktage: workshop – 3D Digital Modelling

3D Design / 3D modelling / Anarkik 3D Design / Course / designer makers / haptic

At a 2 day Workshop/Masterclass on haptic 3D modelling at Wiener Schmucktage this November you have the chance to win the haptic 3D modelling package, Anarkik 3D Design, that will be use in this class. Also, mything will select the best 10 models to 3D print. Anarkik 3D Design is a product for artists/designers who struggle with conventional CAD.