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NEW – Anarkik 3D Design version 3: shipping early June. Try it at 3DPrintShow London 21-23 May 2015 

-  an evolution in digital 3D modelling for designer makers, applied artists who understand the importance of real-world touch. Coupled with haptic technology our software allows real sense of 3D touch to easily create and manipulate your virtual designs, ready for 3D printing. For non CAD users this is a real revelation!

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1. The Art and Science of Touch
2. A Designer Maker’s Point of View
3. Anarkik 3D Design: An Overview

News.  Anarkik3D’s feasibility Project ‘Touchable Universe’ was awarded Innovate UK funding in their Learning Technologies: Design for impact Competition. We invite teachers, schools, pupils and app developers in the Edinburgh area to work with us.

Opportunity to try Anarkik 3D Design and haptics: our haptic 3D modelling software is in the V&ADundee / Travelling Gallery exhibition ‘Design in Motion. When it visits you, have a try, haptics is amazing!  

Anarkik3D will be at the 3DPrintShow 2015, London May 21-23 May, Ann Marie Shillito, Anarkik3D’s CEO, was an invited speaker at the Madrid 3DPrintShow  12-13 March

Masterclasses, workshops & courses

Masterclasses are for serious designer makers, applied artists and creatives who have no CAD experience and want to learn 3D modelling for 3D printing. We use haptic 3D modelling software (Anarkik 3D Design) as it is easy and quick to learn and use and to thereby understand the constraints of 3D modelling for successful printing.

Masterclasses and courses are taught by Ann Marie Shillito, the highly experienced CEO of Anarkik3D, designer maker/jeweller and author of the book ‘Digital Crafts’.

All classes include information on how to access 3D printing to enable you to take advantage of 3D digital designing and 3D printing. We can help show how to price, market and sell created works. Course Overview and booking.

Group bookings: Up to 10 people, friends and colleagues can experience 3D modelling and 3D printing for serious fun while learning lots (Taster classes included). We cater for your requirements in a creative environment where in-depth discussions are part of the course. Masterclasses, courses and classes can be held at Anarkik3D Ltd in Newington, Edinburgh or at a venue of your choice.

Please contact us to organise a date for your group. If you are interested in masterclasses and workshops held at your hub, workshop, craftcentre or have a proposal please contact us. We demo 3D printing on an Ultimaker2.

Latest News
Anarkik 3D Design Version 3: Torus creation

19/04/2015 / Anarkik 3D Design: new version to be released 21st May.

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Anarkik 3D Design: the anticipated new version to be released 21st May at the 3DPrintShow 2015 in London. There is one major change you won't notice because it is a long term development which means Anarkik 3D Design will soon be able to run on Mac without the need to have Win OS, and on Linux. The changes you will notice and love are to do with the enhancements to functions such as rotate, Boolean, slice, mirror, torus creation, deform, etc. The objective is to keep the interface uncluttered so that you can design, create, experiment, explore and play and go with flow with as little disruption as possible. Boolean is now so fast there is no excuse now to go and make that cup of tea!

Design for a Nessie Coat Hanger.

19/04/2015 / Nessie coat hanger


Nessie coat hanger designed using Anarkik 3D Design, 3D printed on an Ultimaker2. Here is a story about creating a Nessie coat hanger. This came about because BlackCountryAtelier posted a blog about designing a coathanger for 3D printing. This design that the kids did in the class  is very functional – but boring! So I pretended to be an uninhibited 10 yr old and set about designing a coat hanger within a class teaching period, at the most 2. It was fun and I have created a visual to scroll down with screen captures of the design process and photos of the