Anarkik 3D Design version33D modelling software for designer makers, applied artists (this is what they say!)

3D modelling with real-world 3D touch using haptic technology. (what is haptics?)

Our software allows real sense of 3D touch to easily create and manipulate your virtual designs, ready for 3D printing. (scroll down to see our 3D artists’ work and schedule of workshops/demos for Oct/Nov 2015.)

For non CAD users this is a real revelation! (watch the videos below)

See our award-winning
software for yourself…

1. The Art and Science of Touch
2. A Designer Maker’s Point of View
3. Anarkik 3D Design: An Overview


Main News.   ‘Touchable Universe’ Project has been awarded Innovate UK Stage 2 funding re Learning Technologies: Design for impact Competition. Many thanks to everyone who has participated and helped move the project forward.

Masterclasses, workshops & courses

We have just completed a series of workshops and demonstrations in 3 European contries. And before we set off we held a 1 day workshop at MAKLAB in Glasgow as a warm up!.

Anarkik3D’s CEO, Ann Marie Shillito, was an invited speaker at Creative Spark’s 3D Print Conference & Event 2015: ‘3D Print Technologies – Generating, Exploring and Exploiting’, in Oct in Dundalk, Ireland. At the 3D print event and with Elizabeth Armour she ran a 2 day class on haptic 3D modelling for 3D printing.

On 6th and 7th Nov. in Cologne and now with Birgit Laken assisting, they ran two classes for Forum für Schmuck and Design and Ann Marie also gave a presentation to FFSD members  (More information). Then into The Netherlands and on 10 Nov. in Kerkrade we gave a demo to management, staff, lecturers and students at the newly opened Cube Design Museum there. In the evening we were at MakerPoint 3D Concept Store Maastricht to give demonstrations to all comers. From there it was a short sprint the next morning to Eindhoven, to Makerpoint 3D Concept Store there, to run another 1 day workshop ( 

13th Nov we were in Haarlem to run a Workshop at Meneer Frans with Multi3dprint providing the 3D printing element as they also did at our workshop the following day at 37Pk. Finally on the Sunday we gave a demo at de Vishal for all viisitors. Phew!

Please contact us for information and if you would like to organise for two of us to run a workshop for a group. The maximum is 10 people and minimum is 6 people.

In a Nutshell with Ann Marie Shillito of Anarkik3D: read here

For further information plus images of the workshops and demos in Holland and Cologne see here.

Workshops/demos were with Elizabeth Armour, Birgit Laken and Ann Marie Shillito, three highly experienced designer maker/jewellers who enjoy their work.  Ann Marie is CEO of Anarkik3D, and author of the book ‘Digital Crafts’.

Masterclasses are for serious designer makers, applied artists and creatives who have no CAD experience and want to learn 3D modelling for 3D printing. We use haptic 3D modelling software (Anarkik 3D Design) as it is easy and quick to learn and use and to thereby understand the constraints of 3D modelling for successful printing.

All classes include information on how to access 3D printing to enable you to take advantage of 3D digital designing and 3D printing. We can help show how to price, market and sell created works. Course Overview and booking.

Group bookings: Up to 10 people, friends and colleagues can experience 3D modelling and 3D printing for serious fun while learning lots (Taster classes included). We cater for your requirements in a creative environment where in-depth discussions are part of the course. Masterclasses, courses and classes can be held at Anarkik3D Ltd in Newington, Edinburgh or at a venue of your choice.

Please contact us to organise a date for your group. If you are interested in masterclasses and workshops held at your hub, workshop, craftcentre or have a proposal please contact us. We demo 3D printing on an Ultimaker2.

Latest News
Birgit at Anarkik3D Design just before version 3 release in May 2015

26/09/2015 / Designer Maker feature

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ANARKIK3D: DESIGNER MAKER FEATURE   How technology is transforming the jewellery industry: we talk to three designer makers to find out how Anarkik3D’s innovative haptic 3D modelling software is influencing their creativity. There is a quiet revolution going on across Scotland and internationally as designer makers embrace the use of new technologies to create and produce innovative objects, including jewellery collections, for increasingly discerning consumers; and the technology behind this? Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D modelling software. Award winning Anarkik3D Design 3D Modelling Software is unique. It exploits virtual touch technologies to create an intuitive interface for designer makers to interact digitally

Anarkik 3D Design Version 3: Torus creation

19/04/2015 / Anarkik3D Design: workshops for Oct/Nov & V3 !

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Anarkik3D Design: the anticipated new version now available as well as a series of workshops from Glasgow, Dundalk in Ireland, Cologne and the Netherlands to get you up andrunning and being creative fast. The changes you will love are the enhancements and colour additions to functions such as rotate, Boolean, slice, mirror, torus creation, deform, etc. The interface is uncluttered: you can design, create, experiment, explore and play and go with the 'flow' with as little disruption as possible. Boolean is now so fast there is no excuse any more to go and make that cup of tea or coffee!

Ann-Maree Morrison, Managing Director and Founder of

10/03/2015 / Gifts for Celebrating Women in Business

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AnarkikCreations designed and produced ‘thank you’ gifts presented to the speakers, host and organiser. Ann-Maree Morrison, Managing Director and Founder – – a multi award winning provider of personalised name labels across the globe, was a speaker at the Celebrating Women in Business event which was part of the activities happening during University of Stirling’s International Women’s Month in March 2015. She was joined by Carol Smillie, TV personality and Diary Doll co-founder, Hinda Miller, co-inventor of the world’s first sports bra, and Rachel Gunn of The Butterscotch Bakery. Celebrating Women in Business:’s-day/ Six pendants were designed using the remarkable Anarkik3D Design